Alignment - Running As A Group

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Working in groups of up to 4, players spaced approximately 4-5 metres apart.

Players jog to the 1st cone then jog backwards to the start line...

Attack Until Youre Tackled

category: Off-Loads

Playing area of 25m in length - adjust width to suit numbers- equal numbers in both teams

Full LEG tackles ONLY - ball carrier when tackled ...

Defense Vs Attack Drill

category: School

  • The aim is to the defensive situation to keep changing the defence gets used to drifting or pressing.
  • The aim of the attack i...

Web Videos

Rugby defensive shape session

Coach Daryl Slade-Jones takes the British Army Rugby team through a defensive drill. The drill has various tackle pads identified by coloured cones.




Community Drills

Defensive line advance

Start 7m apart. Defenders advance towards attackers together keeping in a line. Attackers must pass the ball the the other end of the line before...