Blitz Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

More numbers in defence than attackers. WHEN? When the ball is at the edge of the field near 5m lines. Attackers playing close to the game line. HOW?

Double Gauntlet

category: Decision-making

Rugby Double Gauntlet Decision making Mark an area 15m wide and 20m long. 3 Attackers vs 2 Defence vs 2 Defence Have the 2 lines of 2 Defenders 5-7mÂ...

Offloading Touch Game.

category: School

School Develops lines of support, vision, footwork and offloading. ... Anyone who touched the attacker in defence, must also go on their stomach befo...

Beat The Defence

category: Passing

Rugby Beat the defence Passing Offensive players (blue), line out in one deep line while the defence (red) line up opposite in a straight line, sligh...


Second line of defence - Sweeper system

Introduce the sweeper system to protect your rugby team's defence from opportunistic high ball and save your team time and energy - while also forcing...


Community Drills

Search the space

The defence moves parallel to the goal line in groups of three players.Strikers collaborate in search of space for goalProgression: decrease of defens...

Defensive Switch

- Offense lines up in a split. Defense lines up perpendicular to the offense in a straight line. Both face into the middle of the square. - Offense s...