Creating The Overlap With A Loop

category: Handling

Coaching points · Running straight is extremely important to engage and fix the defenders so that they cannot simply drift to cover the space out wid...

Find The Space

category: Handling

Rugby Find the space Handling Players run in any direction in the grid trying to avoid contact by running into space. When the teacher calls stop, all...

Rugby Netball

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Rugby Netball Agility & Running Skills Drill to practice skills and creating space. Set up a pitch (roughly 25m x 20m depending on age and numbe...

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Dominant, decisive attack

Create a dominant and decisive attack in your team with this session, focusing on their ability to offload under pressure


Community Drills

12 Pivot - BD 4

Back line "recoil" and attack openside creating "Go Forward" Forwards to clear 9/10 channel and be available as runners / sup...


CREATING SPACE ON THE OUTSIDEHalfback passes to No10No10 passes to No12No12 runs to opposition then turns his back to hide ball.No12 then either passe...

Simple miss-pass

Basic passing move to get the ball quickly out wide to attack spaceWorks well off phase ball when an overlap has been createdBlue have created a 4v3.1...