Space Invaders

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Space Invaders Warm Up Keep your playing briefing, brief and tell the players the ... search our library of 650+ rugby drills; create your own ...

Loop Pass

category: Passing

Rugby League Loop Pass Passing The ball carrier (A) runs straight in a line and ... the direction the pass has come from and so create space A runs a...

Find The Space

category: Handling

Rugby Find the space Handling Players run in any direction in the grid trying to avoid ... search our library of 650+ rugby drills; create your own p...

React To Space And Attack

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby React to space and attack Backs Moves 5 players start on a straight line of cones ... search our library of 650+ rugby drills; create your own ...

Web Videos


Developing Invasive Attacking Skills!

Improve your players decision making to help them recognise where the space will develop and how they can maximise their success when they create the ...

Proactive Attack!

Improve your players decision making and passing ability and timing and attack proactively with pace and decisiveness to cut through defences at will.

Dominant, decisive attack

Create a dominant and decisive attack in your team with this session, focusing on their ability to offload under pressure

2v1 Attacking Skills Session

Improve your players' 2v1 confidence and introduce them to the dummy pass, support running and offloading in this attacking session!


Community Drills


Depending on numbers 4 v 3. Can be expanded or shortened just adjust grid size accordingly and ensure attack has 1 more player than defense.Blue are t...

Team Play

- Attack From Set Pieces : 10 Minutes- Defense From Set Pieces : 10 Minutes*2 Min Water Break- Open Play: 20 Minutes*Play from Kick Starts & Set Piece...

Diamond Decision Making in the Loose

Open play pattern:Provides multiple options for first receiver. All positions can be interchaneable.Idea is to create spaceImportant to keep our ...