2V2 Tackle And Clear Out

category: Tackling

Rugby 2v2 Tackle and Clear Out Tackling 2 on 2 tackling and clear out game. Players line up in two lines, adjacent to the coned gameplay area. The co...

Ruck Clear Out

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Description. 4 players (2 players in Tackle Suits, one ball carrier and one support player) and one ball. Ball carrier attacks suited player and take...

Clear Out - 2 And 1

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Ball carrier attacks suited player and takes leg tackle- suited player returns to feet an competes for ball -support player clears. Coaching points. ...

Clear Out And Jackal Work

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Rugby Clear out and Jackal work Ruck Clear Out Ball Tackle Suits Players around the outside pass the ball around with eachtoher until coach blows his...

Web Videos

Rugby clean out

Kieran Read takes you through the Rugby skill of the clean out.


Contact Work - Bounce, Jackal, Fire

Contest for every ball and cause a turnover with this session by focussing on both defensive and attacking breakdowns. Work on the jackal and bounce i...


Contact: Rucking technical session

Master the ?Smash? and the ?Roll? rucking technique so that when the pressure is on and a clear decision needs to be made, clearing the ruck becomes ...



Community Drills


Back and forth clear outs constant for 2 minutes and swap out the middle group

Clear out and decision making

Players clearing out must wrap arms around and use shoulder on defending player. Increase speed and intensity. Players must be calling for t...

Working Round The Corner

Pod 1 carries the ball down channel 1 into the pads and going to ground creating a ruck2 support players clear out the padsThe scrum half then passes ...