Defending In Threes

category: Backs-Moves

Set up 4 grids of about 8-10m by 5m. 3 players start on the first grid, working from one end to the other, covering the 5m distance. The aim is to st...

3 V 2 V 2

category: Handling

Set up a channel with two sets of defenders working in pairs inside. Three attacking players start with the ball and run around the far cone, realigni...

Back Roll

category: Warm-Up

Player sit on the ground, bring their knees towards their chest and put their arms around their legs. Once in this position they should rock backwards...

Miss 2 - Fast Wing Ball

category: Backs-Moves

9 10 miss 12 straight to 13 -overline- with 15 running an underline straight to 14. 14 needs to run into the hole in front of them wherever it is. Nee...

Web Videos

Huge rugby hits 8

The Eighth Installment of the Biggest Hits in Rugby Facebook: ... Song: The Veer Union - Bitter End ...


Public Drills

8 to 9 going left

8 picks up and draws 7 and 8. Short pop pass to 9 who draws the 10 down the short channel. 9 pops out to 12 who will be targetting the outside shoulde...