3 V 2 Into 2 V 1

category: Passing

Rugby 3 v 2 into 2 v 1 Passing Drill to practice overlap situations. Set up a grid roughly 10m x 10m, with another grid roughly 5m x 5m adjacent to it...

Dislodge The Ball 2V1

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Rugby Dislodge the ball 2v1 Ruck Clear Out Set Up 3 players, 1 ball 2 v 1 one player with ball tries to retain possession whilst other 2 work to dislo...

Scrum 2V1

category: Scrum

Rugby Scrum 2v1 Scrum Groups of 3. - 1 player is active, 2 players are resisiting. - Active player gets into scrumage position between 2 defending pla...

2 V 1

category: Passing

This is a simple 2 v 1. The two players have to get past the one defender without being touched, that's it.

Web Videos

2 v 1 rugby skills, week 1

Week 1 Skill Focus: Reserving Space. How much do you train 2 v 1? Do you think how you can reserve space and draw the defender? Double tap if you prac...


2v1 Attacking Skills Session

Improve your players' 2v1 confidence and introduce them to the dummy pass, support running and offloading in this attacking session!