2 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Coach starts with the ball and can throw the ball to either one of the outside players of the 3 players ready to play. The player in the middle always...

1 Vs 1 Get To Feet

category: Contact-Skills

Pass gets given to the attacker who has to run down the grid. When the tackle comes in the player with the ball has to present the ball. Tackler has t...

4 Vs 1 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Players work in groups of six, with 1 ball per group and set up in the following way: 4 attackers vs 1 defender (between the first cones) and another ...

Listen To The Call - 2 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

4 Cones and 1 Ball inside a 10m x 10m Grid. Number the players. The coach shouts out a number and that player is the defender, who has to run to the e...

Team Of 5 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1 V 1

category: Tag-Rugby

2 x 20m x 10m Channels 5 Defenders in each channel, spaced 5m apar The attacking team of 5 players must beat each defender in turn by running or passi...

Team Of 5 V 1 V 3 V 1

category: Tag-Rugby

Change the shape of the defenders. Instead of a single line, one behind the other, try 1 then 3 then 1 or 1 2 2.

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