Bowling A No Ball

category: Rules

Rounders Bowling a No ball Rules The bowler should aim to bowl the ball between knee and shoulders of the batter To give the batter the chance to hit...

Touching The Post Or Base

category: Rules

Rounders Touching the post or base Rules Touching the post or base with the ball by the fielder.


category: Rules

Rounders Bowl1 Rules It is alright to start with your back foot on the line but not crossing the line.

The Hit

category: Rules

Rounders the hit Rules This video shows a player hitting a good ball.

Web Videos

Rounders rules video

Rounder Match Rules Match rules for the 'most people in a Rounders exhibition match' world record attempt at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre on ...

How to play the game of rounders

Once a year we gather in the field for a game of rounders. This is how we play it, though it's possible that our version deviates a little from the of...