Low Catch

category: Skills

Rounders Low catch Skills In pairs throwing the ball ow at each other to catch.

Under Arm Throw

category: Skills

Rounders Under arm throw Skills In pairs throw the ball under arm at each other . The under arm throw is used for short distances.

Overhead Throw

category: Skills

Rounders Overhead throw Skills Player work in pairs, throwing the ball to each ... Low catch. side throw Drill Thumbnail View this drill. side throw....

Long Barrier

category: Skills

Rounders Long Barrier Skills In pairs rolling the ball across the ground to ... Rounders Drill Demonstration ... Low catch. view drill · Over arm th...

Corners - Roll And Throw

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Corners - Roll and Throw Ground Fielding If the ball is going ... Rounders Drill Demonstration ... Decision Making - Long Barrier or Short P...

3 Ball Round The Clock

category: Throwing-Catching

Rounders 3 ball round the clock Throwing & Catching Setup: 4 players stand in a diamond with 3 balls. A 5th player stands in the middle. To start the...

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