Fielding Catch Drill

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Fielding catch drill Ground Fielding Two lines of players facing each other. Player 1 rolls the ball along the ground for player 2 to run an...

Long Barrier

category: Skills

Rounders Long Barrier Skills In pairs rolling the ball across the ground to each ... to gather the ball. ball, barrier, bobble, bobbler, bouncing, ca...

Back Stop

category: Skills

Rounders Back stop Skills The position of the back stop can be close or far behind the batter. The positioning helps the batter decide where to bowl.

Circle Reactions Game

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Circle reactions game Ground Fielding Players stand in a circle with 1 or 2 balls (there are 2 in the video). They have to throw the ball to...

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