Circle Reactions Game

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Circle reactions game Ground Fielding Players stand in a circle with 1 or 2 balls (there are 2 in the video). They have to throw the ball to...

Big Circle

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders big circle Ground Fielding This is to improve players medium to long range throwing and catching. Rules are that the players making a mistak...

Circle Ball

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Circle Ball Conditioned games 1 catcher, 5 attackers, and 3 defenders. Cones, tennis ball or rounders ball. There are always more attackers ...

Reaction Ball Drop

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Reaction ball drop Ground Fielding In 2's or 3's drop the reaction ball catch it after 1st bounce then catch after 2nd bounce.

Web Videos

How to play the game of rounders

Once a year we gather in the field for a game of rounders. This is how we play it, though it's possible that our version deviates a little from the of...

Rounders rules video

Rounder Match Rules Match rules for the 'most people in a Rounders exhibition match' world record attempt at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre on ...