Run And Pass - Two Options

category: Movement

Netball Run and pass - Two options Movement The attackers need to sprint and change direction. 6 players stand Indian file. The player with the ball ...

Pick The Right Option

category: Attack

Netball Pick the Right Option Attack In this exercise you have two feeders and then three attackers against two defenders. The first feeder (player x...

1-2 Taking On Two Defenders

category: Attack

Netball 1-2 Taking on two defenders Attack One A starts with the ball. She passes ... Netball Drill Demonstration ... Attackers Providing Options Aro...

Web Videos

Netball game - centre position guide

Netball player position guide on everything you need to know about playing centre during a game of Netball. We provide you with all the basic advice f...


Community Drills

Basic Defensive Throw-in

GK takes the throw in. WD sets up parellell to GK (GS may or may not defend the WD). The WD clears out, driving to the centre of the court.GD dr...