4 Vs 2 Decision Making

category: Decision-making

Netball 4 vs 2 Decision Making Decision making Use an area half the length/width of the court with 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 2 trailing players. T...

Split Lead To Maintain Possession

category: Attack

Netball Split lead to maintain possession Attack Set up as shown in diagram. Two attackers, one defender. Attackers drive in different directions and...

When To Use Backup

category: Decision-making

Netball When to use Backup Decision making A game using the full court, ... Attackers are aiming to move the ball from the end of court with the Trai...

Through Court Backup Options

category: Decision-making

Netball Through Court Backup Options Decision making A game using the full court, 4 attackers, 4 defenders, 2 trailers. Split the court in half, 2 at...

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Attack v Defence

Attacking players line up in 3s on the sideline; 2 are driving attackers, the third a post to whom they can opt to throw as back up. They are looking ...

Attacking Court Play Practise

Set up:3 defenders in each thirda trailing 'post' and two sideline 'posts'attackers working in pairs to bring the ball down the court.This is a great ...