Set Play - Attacking Centre

category: Attack

Netball Set Play - Attacking Centre Attack WA starts wide drawing the WD with her. GA also starts wide. The GA drives should time their run in court ...

3 Point Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball 3 Point Shooting Shooting Focus on shot techniques (as shown in video). Player take a shot from the spot and can not progress to the next one...

Zig-Zag Passes

category: Group-practices

Netball Zig-Zag Passes Group practices Split the group into 6s with one ball per group. Red player 1 throws the ball to Blue player 1, and then recei...

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Community Drills

Drive and Receive Progression

The Progression of the Drive and Receive Drill includes adding in a defence. The attack and defence pair up on the transverse line. The passer stands ...

Ball passes between Partners

Training Method: Continuous when passing, Interval between pass types.Fitness Components: Power, speed, coordinationEnergy Systems: Anaerobic as exerc...

Drive and Receive Drill

My drill focuses on driving to receive the ball and landing on the outside foot. The player will begin on the base-line. They will drive on a 45 degre...