category: Footwork

Netball Shuttles Footwork 4 players or more. 1 ball. Blue 1 drives forward to receive the ball from White 1. Blue 1 lands, turns and feeds to Blue 2,...

Shooter Shuttles

category: Small-games

Netball Shooter Shuttles Small games Set up: Split players into runners and ... more than 4 shooters at one time who start in the shooting circle, ea...

Shuttle Run

category: Group-practices

Netball Shuttle Run Group practices White player 1 throws the ball to the thrower (blue 1) who passes the ball back to 1 as the player runs into a sp...

Shuttle Circuits

category: Footwork

Netball Shuttle Circuits Footwork Designed to work your players hard - working on their cardiovascular endurance and their plyometric strength Heel F...

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