Killer Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball Killer Shooting Shooting The aim of the game is to score a goal before the person in front of you does to get them out. The final player left...

3 Point Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball 3 Point Shooting Shooting Focus on shot techniques (as shown in video). Player take a shot from the spot and can not progress to the next one...

Shoot With Rebounder

category: Rebounding

Description. The shooter has 10 shots from under the post while the rebounder has to defend each shot and then collect the rebound. · Coaching point...

Follow Your Shot

category: Shooting

Description · White player 1 throws to Blue player 1, then runs quickly into circle and receives ball back. · White player 1 then shoots, collects ...

Web Videos

Five netball shooting drills

Coach Katelyn shares her 5 favourite shooting drills. Complete 1. Stationary Shooting- get in the zone, focus on technique. Challenge yourself to see ...


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