Drill Categories

Attack Drills

Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), al...

Rebounding Drills

Rebounding in netball is when a player attempts a goal by shooting but the ball hits the goalpost and bounces back into play. The rebounding drills b...


Circle Shots

category: Shooting

Shooter sprints out to circle edge and, on return, receives a pass.Shooter must balance, shoot, rebound then return ball to player 1. She continues un...

Shooting Rotation Practice

category: Shooting

Three players perform this drill with two balls. Two players stand by the post with a ball each, while the third player is stood outside of the circl...

10 Passes Before Shooting

category: Shooting

The three attackers start at the transverse line and must make five passes before passing to shooters. A further five passes must be made before a sho...

One-Two, Driving Shooting

category: Shooting

Set up two equal lines of players, stood behind the post.Each player has to run out to a cone on the edge of the shooting circle where they then recei...

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