In Pairs Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball In pairs shooting Shooting 2 players 1 ball 1 post. The player at the top of the circle starts with the ball and passes it to the other playe...

Killer Shooting

category: Shooting

Netball Killer Shooting Shooting The aim of the game is to score a goal before the person in front of you does to get them out. The final player left...

Circle Shots

category: Shooting

Netball Circle Shots Shooting Shooter sprints out to circle edge and, on return, receives a pass. Shooter must balance, shoot, rebound then return ba...

Shooting - Group Practice

category: Shooting

Netball Shooting - group practice Shooting Player 3 starts with the ball and passes the ball to Player 2 before running around behind player 2 in to ...

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Community Drills

Shooters Drill

GS passes out to C who is running along the goal circle, return pass back to GS as C moves further round the goal circle to receive second pass, WA re...