Receive From The Left And Pass Straight

category: Shooting

Netball Receive from the left and pass straight Shooting Players set up two sets of lines which are facing one another. The two lines which start wit...

Drive To Receive

category: Movement

Netball Drive to receive Movement 2 players; 1 feeder and 1 worker standing a metre apart. The worker must drive to the left before changing directio...

Return Pass

category: Passing

Netball Return pass Passing 2 players with a ball and 2 static players in the middle. ... Same thing on the way back pass left to receive ball back o...

One Arm Catch And Return

category: Ball-skills

Netball One arm catch and return Ball skills 1 feeder and 1 worker 1 ball. Feeder throws the wide left right to the worker who has to run out to eith...

Receiving Under The Post

category: Shooting

Netball Receiving under the post Shooting in pairs the worker runs out to touch the circle edge and then runs back in to receive the ball after which...

Receive And Return - Defender

category: Shooting

Netball Receive and Return - Defender Shooting There are five players on the outside of the circle, with ... Receive from the left and pass straight ...

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