Receive And Return Pass

category: Getting-free

Netball Receive and return pass Getting free Players work in groups of 3, with two players inside the grid and 1 outside with the ball. The outside p...

Receive And Return - Defender

category: Shooting

Netball Receive and Return - Defender Shooting There are five players on the outside of the circle, with three balls between them, two attacking play...

Return Pass

category: Passing

Player with the ball pass the ball to the left player then move across the square to receive the ball back in the opposite corner. Same thing on the ...

One Arm Catch And Return

category: Ball-skills

Netball One arm catch and return Ball skills 1 feeder and 1 worker 1 ball. Feeder throws the wide left right to the worker who has to run out to eith...


Quicker passing - Pass and return

This session aims to get your players whizzing the ball around the court - thinking about where the next pass will be going before they even have the ...

Effectively finding space

Develop your players ability to create and penetrate space, working as a unit to provide offers for the ball carrier.


Community Drills

Shuffle left/right

Players receive and return a pass before shuffling to their next position. The player at the end needs to sprint round to the starting position.Timing...

Switch drill

Feeders pass accurate fast balls to receivers who pass back and move forward to ball. they receive and return a 2nd pass and switch. After returning a...