Reaction Race And Pass

category: Decision-making

Netball Reaction race and pass Decision making White player 1 initiates a move towards either ball (on cone). Red player 1 responds and tries to get t...

Double Lead

category: Decision-making

Netball double lead Decision making Ball is passed round the square with players timing their move so that ... In this practice 2 players run to make ...

Pass And Run - In Front, Behind

category: Warm-ups

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coachi...

Drop, React, Catch

category: Warm-ups

Netball Drop, React, Catch Warm ups In partners: one player does quick feet in a slight squat position, looking at the ball with their hands by the si...

When To Use Backup

category: Decision-making

Netball When to use Backup Decision making A game using the full court, 5 attackers, 4 defenders, 1 trailer. Split the ... Reaction race and pass Dril...

Mad- Make A Decision With Defender

category: Decision-making

Netball MAD- Make A Decision with Defender Decision making *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up: At least 6 players ... Reaction race and pass Drill Thumbnai...

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