Drill Categories

Defence Drills

There are three stages of Defence in netball: Shadowing - Being on your toes, ready to pounce 2. Pressure (3 ft) - Make things difficult for the opp...

Movement Drills

When your team has the ball movement in netball involves getting free from the opposition and creating space to receive the pass - progressing the bal...


1-2 Taking On Two Defenders

category: Footwork

  1. One A starts with the ball. She passes to her partner who has made a move to get past a defender.
  2. First A then moves, taking on the ...

5 Passes To Score!

category: Small-games

The aim for players is to pass the ball amongst your team.

Teams score by successfully completing 5 consecutive passes without dropping / ha...

Agility And Accuracy - Progression

category: DIY-Drills

  • Place 2 cones on the ground, diagonal from each other - approximately 1 meter apart
  • Place a 3rd cone with a ball on in front of ...

Agility And Accuracy

category: DIY-Drills

  • Set up 3 cones in the shape of a triangle
  • Place a 4th cone with a ball on in front of the triangle
  • The worker will...

Ball Handling And Coordination

category: Ball-skills

A Worker and 2 Feeders set up in a triangle about 3m away from each other and each player has a ball.

Worker throws the ball up in the air to...

Bow Tie

category: Passing

Set up cones in a bow tie shape, with 2 cones on the third line, one halfway down the end third and 2 at the end of court, as shown in the diagram....


Establish Effective Passing

Maintain possession of the ball with clinical passing all over the court and begin to use passes to eliminate defenders at ease.


Community Drills

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Attacking Back Line Pass- pass only within the circle- consider type of pass and why- show how C/WA hold their space on the circle line*Speed and accu...

Shooting Under Pressure

This drill focuses on the GA's shooting ability. (Can also be the GS). The GS passes to the GA while the GK tries to intercept, then when the GA has t...

Skill development: landing footwork

Drill 1: Pivot foot (technique)1. bring weight over grounded foot2. lift ankle up of pivot foot3. push off the other foot to get direction and balance...

shooting with a SEDA defender

split into two groups again (preferably the same groups as before). they will be in one line and they will have a SEDA coach as a defender to work on ...