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Ball skills Drills

The essential netball ball handling skill videos below will improve your players' ability to handle the ball. These ball skill drills will help your p...

Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...


Split Lead To Maintain Possession

category: Attack

Netball Split lead to maintain possession Attack Set up as shown in diagram. Two attackers, one defender. Attackers drive in different directions and...

2 Vs. 2 - Pass And Move

category: Getting-free

Working together they should try to pass and move, maintaining possession of the ball, from one side to the other. If players successfully pass and.

Workers In A Square

category: Warm-ups

Netball Workers in a Square Warm ups Split your group into 8s (2 balls are needed for this pass and move exercise). The balls start on opposite corne...

Turn And Pass

category: Movement

Netball Turn and Pass Movement Players work with one ball in pairs inside a ... Attacking Principle - Dynamic movement to maintain possession of the ...

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