Drill Categories

Getting free Drills

Netball is all about getting free, losing your marker or making clearing runs so they can receive the ball without it being intercepted. There's plent...


Passing Around A 3Ft Mark

category: Passing

Netball Passing around a 3ft mark Passing This drill will help your players pass around a defender's 3ft mark by encouraging them to use different re...

Around The 3Ft Mark

category: Passing

Netball Around the 3ft mark Passing This helps your players pass around the defender's 3ft mark Set up a small triangle (gaps of ~2m) of attackers wi...

Chest Pass

category: Passing

Netball Chest pass Passing Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

Double Marked

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball Double marked Centre Pass Set Plays It is common that the defending C will drop back and double mark either the WA or GA, if that happens... ...

Pass And Move Around The Box

category: Passing

Netball Pass and Move around the box Passing The red players around the outside square have a ball each and move anti-clockwise around the box.

Wd/Gd Interceptions

category: Group-practices

They then pass a lateral ball to the feeder who has moved out to the side, ... who has moved out to the side, where there is another defender acting ...

Web Videos

Netball passing and defending drill

This guide from intosport.com will show you an excellent team netball drill to work on passing under pressure. It will also help defenders with their ...

Defending in netball

This guide shows you Defending in Netball Watch This and Other Related films here: ... Subscribe!


Providing Options around the Circle

Delivering the ball into the circle for the GS and GA requires sharp passing and clever movement and decision making. Improve each aspect of playing i...

Maintaining Possession

Improve your players leading to be able to create numerous options for the player on the ball and encourage them to keep the ball and maintain possess...