Criss-Cross Pass - Land On Outside Foot

category: Passing

Netball Criss-Cross Pass - Land on outside foot Passing Split your players into 4s or more with 2 balls. Both blue players start with a ball. The blu...

Side Steps

category: Footwork

... increasing distance, then repeat with 3 passes to the right (worker runs back to centre each time.) Encourage the worker to try to land on their ...

Landing Shuttles

category: Footwork

Worker then moves across to receive the ball back from the second feeder. Repeat. It's very important that the worker lands on the outside foot every...

Ice Cream

category: Footwork

Netball ICE CREAM Footwork This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player ... Criss-Cross Pass - Land on outside foot Drill T...


Fast feet to outwit the opposition

Develop your player's ability to execute quick and efficient footwork, not only when receiving the ball, but also when creating and penetrating space.


Community Drills

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Red Player = ThrowerBlue Players = AttackersAttackers make a diagonal leadReceive ball out in frontLand on the outside footReturn pass to line of atta...

V footwork

Worker starts on the back cone and runs on an angle to each cone. = 1 rep x6 reps on each progression x2 sets1. Turn inwards (outside foot) --> drop b...