Drill Categories

Footwork Drills

The footwork drills and videos below will ensure your players don't give away free passes when catching, lunging, landing, pivoting, and passing. Foot...

Interception Drills

Interception of the ball in netball is when a player regains possession of the ball during a pass by the opposition. It requires speed and a good defe...


One Handed Pass And Catch

category: Warm-ups

Netball One Handed Pass and Catch Warm ups One player always passes the ball straight and the other always passes the ball diagonally. Both players a...

One Handed Shoulder Pass

category: Passing

Netball One handed shoulder pass Passing Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

One Hand Lob Pass

category: Passing

Netball One hand lob pass Passing Put your players into pairs, about 2-3 metres apart from one another with one ball. Using one hand players must lob...

One Arm Catch And Return

category: Ball-skills

Netball One arm catch and return Ball skills 1 feeder and 1 worker 1 ball. ... return ball make the player learn to absorb and throw the ball in one ...

One Handed Bounce Pass

category: Passing

Players should practice with both hands; Ball should be released on the side and hip height. player should step across. Push ball into the bounce.

Tag Ball

category: Warm-ups

Netball Tag Ball Warm ups In one third of the court any number of players work with one ball between them. The aim of the game is for players to pass...

Catching A Bad Pass

category: Passing

Netball Catching a bad pass Passing Working in pairs with 1 ball. Players pass the ball between them -one player is passing accurately and the other ...

10 Balls Anywhere

category: Warm-ups

Have the players get into pairs.

One player starts with the ball and drops, places or throws the ball in random places around a semi circul...

Web Videos

Netball drills - the one two drill

The One Two Drill is our most difficult yet but once it's broken down I think any players who can pass and catch could give it a go! It's a great team...


Community Drills

Clearing down the court

Players (P) start in pairs then split. One player receives a pass. The player who did not receive a pass makes a clearing movement and drives down the...


Players form two linesOne line are attackingOne line are defendingOne player is the centreCoach blows the whistle and first two players run outAttack ...

Simultaneous 2 ball spry

Throw ball to self whilst recive and pass back to one player. Repeat and go through group.Focus on sufficent hight of own ball so as to give time reci...


One player has ball near goal postAll others in a line around circle edge.First player from line (GA in the example) make a lead in and at the same ti...