1 Vs 1 With Ball Transfer

category: Defence

Player 4 marks player 3 while aiming to intercept the pass between the two blue players (feeders).

If Player 4 makes their move too soon the...

2 Vs 2

category: Small-games

The 2 defenders are only allowed in the Circle.

Attackers can move in and out of the circle as they wish but can only have one player at a t...


category: Warm-ups


Choose 1 player to be the catcher - they start standing on the line between 2 thirds, wearing a bib.

All othe...

Christmas Stocking Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

4 teams have a 'Christmas stocking' (box 2m x 2m) each and they each start with 4-5 objects that are 'presents' (spare shoes, coloured cones, bibs ...

Crab Relay Race

category: Warm-ups

A fun flexibility drill, with an element of competition to get teams moving.

Players are on their hands and feet, with their st...

Defend The Corridor

category: Defence

This drill is for a defender to practice intercepting and dictating play.

Use 4 feeders to make a space like a wide corridor for the attacke...



Defence around the Circle

Dictate the attackers into bad positions, increasing the difficulty and numbers of passes; therefore increasing opportunities to intercept


Community Drills


1. GD recieves centre pass from C2. GD pass to GS leading.3. Short pass to WA4.WA short feed to GA at top of circle.5.Long range shot ot pass off to G...

Warm up

Run diagonally from the base line to the transverse line, kicking feet up to their behind. Jump at transverse line. Side step across the transverse l...

Aus Drill

1. Long ball travels to opposite corner to attacker making a short lead towards the ball. 2. Ball travels to attacker leading towards ring from o...