Statue Of Liberty

category: Footwork

In pairs,

  • 1 player - the statue - holds a ball aloft in one hand. Partner runs, leaps and snatches the ball, lands with the correct footwork,
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    Community Drills

    Skill development: landing footwork

    Drill 1: Pivot foot (technique)1. bring weight over grounded foot2. lift ankle up of pivot foot3. push off the other foot to get direction and balance...

    Timing the move onto the ball (1)

    Working in pairs.Feeder starts facing opposite direction, throws ball to self to indicate timing, turning away from the working playerFeeder must thro...

    Taking on the defender (2)

    W drives forward for ball, looks down the line, but can’t give it so returns to F1Then drives down court to get long ball Start with relatively p...