Timing The Lead

category: Passing

Netball: Timing the Lead · Description. Set up a square of players, 5m x 5m, numbered 1-4 as shown. A player each from 2 and 3 runs forward. · Coac...

Resisted Crab Walk

category: Injury-Prevention

Repeat- you can move along a line to ensure you remain facing forward. Switch with the opposite leg leading moving in the other direction. Coaching p...

High Pass

category: Passing

Worker (white 1) moves forward to receive a short pass and returns the ball. Worker then moves back to receive a high pass, leading with one shoulder...


category: Footwork

Netball Shuttles Footwork 4 players or more. 1 ball. Blue 1 drives forward to receive the ball from White 1. Blue 1 lands, turns and feeds to Blue 2,...


Community Drills

1 to 2 to 3 Warm Up

Player 1 starts with ball, player 2 leads forward and receives pass then passes to player 3 who is leading forward. Three passes forward to 2 and 2 to...