2 Lead Drive

category: Passing

minimum of 8 players set up in square grid as shown in picture Ball is passed round the square with players timing their move so that they run onto th...

2 Vs. 2 - Pass And Move

category: Getting-free

Players take it in turns to run through the defender's areas as pairs. The player without the ball leads into the space. Working together they shou...

Centre Pass Practice

category: Decision-making

Play an attacking game situation of a centre pass with free flow at the line. A centre, WA and GA are looking to move the ball for 2 passes with a ...

Continuous Split Lead

category: Passing

This is a split lead drill, run continuously.

Set up two lines of players at each end of a third. Play will be started by the coach who will ...



Maintaining Possession

You can't score unless you have the ball - help your team maintain possession of the ball so they have the opportunity to score!

Community Drills

L + R leading

Attacker leads to the right, recieves ball from passer. Meanwhile the defender defends the ball passively.Repeat 5 times each side then swap roles.PRO...


1. GD recieves centre pass from C2. GD pass to GS leading.3. Short pass to WA4.WA short feed to GA at top of circle.5.Long range shot ot pass off to G...


All players break fast in 1 strong lead.The 1st option should be to the post.If the post lead is not clear , te pass goes to the 1st clear lead.