1 V 2 Guarding Ball Side

category: Defence

Description. Slowly, the two attacking players pass the ball back and forth and the defender should move to the ball side of the spare attacking play...

Figure Of 8

category: Ball-skills

Description. Figure of 8 through the legs, try to keep only one hand on the ball as much as possible. Coaching points. Spread your fingers. Bend the,...

10 Balls Anywhere

category: Warm-ups

Netball 10 Balls Anywhere Warm ups Have the players get into pairs. ... other player in the pair stands around a metre opposite keeping a close eye o...

Interception Circle

category: Interception

Maximum of 8 players form the outside of a circle with 2 defenders inside and 1 ball.

Defenders have to work together to intercept the bal...


Clean Intercepting

Get your defenders reading the situation, reacting to the ball and performing clean interceptions to regain possession

Taking on a defender 1v1

Develop your player's ability to get free from their opponent quickly and effectively to maintain or gain possession of the ball.


Community Drills

Whole court attacking challenge

Split group into 3 equal teams. Ideally 6 per team.1 team is the attackers,1 team are defenders,1 team is resting off the court.Split court in half. H...

Quick hands

there are two teams a red team and a blue teamboth teams start with the same number of balls and stand in separate thirdsthe aim of the game is to thr...

In two's, keep the ball high

In two's, receive the ball high and keep it high.Turn to the outside of the court and give straight back with a strong shoulder pass.Progress: Cha...

Shadowing - 15 Minutes

Defender Starts in front of the attacker in the " starting position" and both face the same direction.STARTING POSITION - Defender stands in...