Single Leg Jump Turn

category: Injury-Prevention

Netball Single Leg Jump Turn Injury Prevention Start on one leg facing forward ... of the standing leg, using your hips to twist your body Land softl...

Catch Pivot And Pass Relay

category: Footwork

The receiving player who catches the ball should land on 1 foot, then land on their 2nd foot and pivot onto their 1st landing foot to pass the ball b...

Turning And Changing Direction

category: Attack

Netball Turning and changing direction Attack Individually, run into a space. On the whistle ... be done with a ball. On the whistle, throw ball in t...

Ice Cream

category: Footwork

Netball ICE CREAM Footwork This is a very simple relay practice with the emphasise on the player running in catching the ball and landing on one foot...

Web Videos

Eb netball: jump landing drill

This drill focuses on jumping and landing while reacting to a directional call. Use this drill as an injury prevention exercise before playing.