Jump Backwards - High Catch

category: Interception

The player without the ball (the worker) drives forwards, taking approximately 5 steps before then rapidly running backwards towards one of the cones....

Power Jumps

category: Interception

Players work in pairs, with one ball between them. Facing each other the player without the ball drives forward, taking 5 steps forwards and then 5 st...

In-Out High Ball Catch!

category: Interception

Working in pairs, with one ball between two. The player without the ball is the worker. They must drive forwards to the first cone immediately in fron...

Moving Sideways And Passing

category: Passing

In pairs moving up the court passing the ball to each other while side hopping and facing each other at all time.

Web Videos

Netball skills: shooting techniques

In this video, we will show you how to back step, side step and step into a shot in Netball. Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pa...

Starlight netball team

Wearing our Starlight "netball" bibs gettin ready for our first big rehearsal with the current cast. This series follows the journey of the new member...