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Wall drills Drills

The netball wall drills are a great way of your player to practise their netball passing and receiving ball skills by themselves - helping to sharpen ...


Quick Decisions - Jump And Land

category: Warm-ups

Split your players into two groups and get them to pair up.The first pair in the line set off and must first choose a hoop to jump and land into - it ...

Double Handed Flick To Wall Plus Jump

category: Wall-drills

When ready jump upwards and push/ flick the ball to the wall using both hands. The land and bend both knees before then jumping again in time for the ...

Single Handed Flick To Wall And Jump (Left)

category: Wall-drills

Starting position2 feet in ready position to jumpball in palm of left hand held high and to the leftMovementjump upwards and push/flick the ball to th...

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