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Interception Drills

Interception of the ball in netball is when a player regains possession of the ball during a pass by the opposition. It requires speed and a good def...


Marking Player And Intercepting

category: Interception

Blue 1 and 2 passing to each other. No. 3 is dodging from side to side. White 1 defends. Feed can come in at any time to no. 3 and defence attempt...

Interception - Group Activity

category: Group-practices

Red 2 has the ball and red 1 starts in the opposite corner Blue 1 runs forward and Red 2 passes a diagonal pass to Blue 1 Red 1 moves on a diagonal to...

Defensive Footwork

category: Interception

Player 1 holds the ball out in front.Player 2 runs round one way then the other to touch the ball each time

Team Drill - Intercepting Game

category: Interception

Get your players into two teams of 4/5/6, one team wears bibs. The aim of the game is to get as many clean intercpetions as possible within the third ...

Web Videos


2. Crazy Interceptions Drill #2 Title -- Crazy Interceptions (Manchester Thunder / Crazy Catch Netball Drill 2) Description -- 1v1 drill which develop...