1 V 1 - Actual Defending

category: Interception

Two feeders stand in middle of the court, either side of the center circle.

The attacking player passes the ball out to the feeder and then ...

1 V 2 Guarding Ball Side

category: Defence

Slowly, the two attacking players pass the ball back and forth and the defender should move to the ball side of the spare attacking player to preve...

1 Vs 1 Centre Pass

category: Getting-free

Set up a 3m x 3m area, with an attacker and a defender inside. A feeder stands outside the area and starts with the ball. You can set this up in th...

1 Vs 1 With Ball Transfer

category: Defence

Player 4 marks player 3 while aiming to intercept the pass between the two blue players (feeders).

If Player 4 makes their move too soon the...

2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

The 2 defenders inside the circle must ensure one of them is always marking the attacker inside the circle.

While one player marks the defen...

2 Vs. 2 - Pass And Move

category: Getting-free

Players take it in turns to run through the defender's areas as pairs. The player without the ball leads into the space. Working together they shou...

4 Vs 2 Decision Making

category: Decision-making

Use an area half the length/width of the court with 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 2 trailing players.

The attackers are working to get th...

5 Passes To Score!

category: Small-games

The aim for players is to pass the ball amongst your team.

Teams score by successfully completing 5 consecutive passes without dropping / ha...

5 Point Interception

category: Interception

Have two players passing a ball back and forth about 5m apart. Set up 5 cones behind one of the players, in a semicircle behind them, about 2m away...

Additional Defence

category: Defence

The first team starts with the ball inside the attacking third, with all the other players except one stood outside the area.

The aim for th...



Community Drills

Circle show down

GA, GS, GK, GD, Feeder and a ball.Attackers try to score goals while defenders try to obstruct and intercept.GA and GD start outside the circle with t...

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WA drives to catch a pass from the C, then pivots and passes back to GD who then passes to the C. WA drives to intercept the pass from the GD.Once all...

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slowly, the two attacking players pass the ball back and forth anf the defender should move the ball side of the spare attacking player to prevent the...

Double drive and lay off

Simulating a centre pass, there are two feeders (C and GS in this case) taking the centre pass.The players in the middle (WA and GA) should driv...