Running Shapes

category: Movement

Netball Running Shapes Movement Players must run around the outside of their shape, changing direction as quickly as possible. Players must work at f...

Figure Of Eight

category: Interception

Netball Figure of eight Interception Split players into pairs with one ball and three cones, placed in a triangle. The feeder stands above the top of...

'Bump' Quick Passing Game

category: Passing

Netball 'Bump' quick passing game Passing Players work in pairs over ... Attacking Principle: Develop strength through powerful passing Session Thum...

Landing Circle Edge

category: Getting-free

Two feeders will set up on the third line with a ball each (RED F)

In front of each feeder two attack...

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Fast and Dynamic Running

Help your players run rings around the opposition with this high-intensity fitness session!



Community Drills

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GS/GA begin at goal postSprinting to cones and then back to postComplete circuit on all cones then make your shot under fatigueFast footwork, small qu...

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WA drives to catch a pass from the C, then pivots and passes back to GD who then passes to the C. WA drives to intercept the pass from the GD.Once all...

Preliminary Movements

1. A feeder has a ball inbetween the first 2 cones in a square with the attacker on a back cone.2. The attacker leads out to front cone diagonal to th...

Catch high & release high.

Worker Static. Feeder puts high balls above and to the left and right. Worker jumps, receives high balls and turns to offload to nearest x.12 passes &...