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Getting free Drills

Netball is all about getting free, losing your marker or making clearing runs so they can receive the ball without it being intercepted. There's plent...

Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...


'Bump' quick passing game

Players work in pairs over varying distances depending on the pass type.

  1. Each pair should stand opposite their partner.
  2. Each ...

2 lead drive

minimum of 8 players set up in square grid as shown in picture Ball is passed round the square with players timing their move so that they run onto th...

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Developing Core Strength

Develop your player’s core strength, improving their fitness so they can drive for the ball and pass with power!

Public Drills

Chest pass practice

In pairs, throw and catch a netball to one another, with a chest pass, ensuring that the ball is thrown and caught at chest height, with elbows in and...

Attacking the D

Everyone vs One defender Aim to attack the circle at speedMake sure you land on the outside of the cirlcle, not in it. Be aware of the circleMust know...