2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

Netball 2 vs 1 in the Circle Zone defence The 2 defenders inside the circle must ensure one of them is always marking the attacker inside the circle....

1 Vs 1 Defending In The Circle

category: Defence

Netball 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Defence Slowly the two attackers pass the ball back and forth down the court towards the circle. The defender ...

2 Vs 2

category: Small-games

The 2 defenders are only allowed in the Circle.

Attackers can move in and out of the circle as they wish but can only have one player at a t...

Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Movement

One player, the feeder, starts on the edge of the circle. The other player, the worker (number 1 in the diagram) runs around one of the cones set o...


Dominant circle play

Get your team to dominate in the circle with this attacking session, helping them to maximise and score their chances on goal


Community Drills

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A's move right into the pocket.F passes to A & D's have to jump & take the ball out of court, this allows 2 x D'in the circle on 1 x shooter.M...


1. Change Of Direction: Players form two line facing one other the player behind the first will start with the ball the players at the front are to ru...

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CPass, then move towards circle to feed to shooters. Try to run to opposite side to the WAGARun to take centre pass.If you get it, pass to next playe...

Attack 4

Start in positions. C passes to WA who runs across the court to catch. C runs to the right hand side of the circle up the top. WA passes to C who pass...