Holding Your Defence

category: Shooting

Netball holding your defence Shooting Set up: Split players into groups of at least 7 with 1 ball using the goal third. Number 1 starts with the ball...

Defending A Holding Shooter

category: Fundamentals

Developing basic defensive skills for beginners. Ensure your team get their basic defence correct in order to build and develop their skills to secur...

Popping Over

category: Shooting

Netball Popping over Shooting Blue shooter (Blue 1) has the ball inside the circle. Pretend to shoot, with ... holding your defence Drill Thumbnail V...

Feint Shot In To A Pass

category: Shooting

Netball feint shot in to a pass Shooting Blue number 1 dummies a shot and passes the ball to number 2. Number 1 runs ... holding your defence Drill ...

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