'Bump' Quick Passing Game

category: Passing

Netball 'Bump' quick passing game Passing Players work in pairs over varying distances depending on the pass type. Each pair should stand opposite th...

Outside Roll

category: Getting-free

Blue player 2 starts with the ball and the other two players set up a few meters away, with the defender marking B1.

When everyone is ready:...

Pass And Move In Opposite Direction

category: Passing

Players pass the ball clock wise.

After each pass the player runs to touch the cone of the player in the opposite direction they passed to a...

Quick Release Working In Threes

category: Passing

1 worker, 2 throwers with a ball each.

The worker (blue) alternatively receives passes from each thrower (red) and returns the ball to the th...

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Man-Marking Defending

Are your players man-marking-masters? Find out with this defensive skills session!



Community Drills

3 Feed & Drive

Three Feeders positioned outside goal circke. attackers lined up single file behind base line to side of goal poat.First attacker drives to F1 to take...


Working on high intensity, give and goes, quick release and following the ball.Works in groups of 3. If there are 4 midcourts, defenders can join in t...

Different types of passing

Set up a square with cones 10x40Equal amount of players stand behind a cone, start with one ball and the aim is to pass the ball and follow to the nex...

Cone Circuit Footwork

Setup 18 cones - Should take approx 20-30 seconds to run through circuitExplosive high knees through first 5 green conesDrive to first blue cone (tria...