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Ball skills Drills

The essential netball ball handling skill videos below will improve your players' ability to handle the ball. These ball skill drills will help your p...

Centre Pass Set Plays Drills

Centre passes are arguably one of the most crucial part of the game, as you are given possession 50% of the time. Every teams aim is to score off ever...


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Sportplan is fantastic with all the various drills for every area of netball. My confidence as a coach has improved because I have Sportplan to suppo...


category: Roles-responsibilities

Netball Centre Roles & responsibilities Where can they go? ... Improve your team’s knowledge with this session, helping your players to unders...

Chest Pass

category: Passing

Netball Chest pass Passing Players in pairs with one ball about 5 metres apart.

Catch Pivot And Pass Relay

category: Footwork

Netball Catch pivot and pass relay Footwork The starting player passes the ball to the player moving towards the ball from the opposite group. The re...

1 Vs 1 Movement

category: Getting-free

Create a square, approximately 3m x 3m as shown by the by the blue cones in the diagram.

Two feeders will stand either side of the square, wi...

3 V 2 To Score

category: Attack

The challenge in this game is for the attacking players to use the extra player to help them score.

Web Videos

Netball skills: reaction pass drill

This drill is fantastic for improving your reaction time on the Netball court, helping you to become a quicker, more agile player. Want to shoot like ...


Dynamic Movement Skills

Get your team moving dynamically on court with this attacking session, working on key skills from passing to decision making


Community Drills


Standing in a triangle with the defensive player in between, the feeder throws the ball to either of the static players and the defensive player has t...

3 Team Relay

Three TeamsFirst player places ball between your knees:Drive up and around cone then back, pass ball using legs to next player in line.Depending on nu...

golden river Autosave 15169027

1 everyone got one cone, stay along transverse line (one side, maybe split into 2 groups), one wolf waits in the middle of the river2. player ask '...