Cone Twist

category: Warm-ups

Netball Cone Twist Warm ups Split your players into two teams and place 20 cones in the centre third (half upside-down and the other half the right w...

Half Netball Court

category: Extras

Netball Half Netball Court Extras. ... Turn and Pass Drill Thumbnail ... search our library of 700+ netball drills; create your own professional coac...

The Clock

category: Passing

Netball The Clock Passing Split players into groups of at least 10 players, with one ball between them inside a square grid (half a third). Players w...

Whole Court Attacking Challenge

category: Movement

Netball Whole court attacking challenge Movement Split group into 3 equal teams. Ideally 6 ... Half of the defence and attack are restricted to defen...

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Getting Free - find the Space!

Improve how your players find space and get free with this movement session - complete with free Task Cards to accompany the session!


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