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Netball game - rules introduction

Video guide for everything you need to know about the rules for a game of Netball. Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass like En...


Dynamic Movement Skills

Get your team moving dynamically on court with this attacking session, working on key skills from passing to decision making



Community Drills

H Drill

Both Feeders pass balls to the advancing players, players pass back to feeders then cross over court and receive from other feeder. Pivot and pass to ...

touch drill

two defenders and they will each have a half of the feild and can only tag people once they are in their half. partners will run through and have to p...

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Warm Up ( 10 minutes)Jog the hard courts, high knees accross court and back with sprint, HIgh butt kick accross court and sprint back.Hop on side line...

Extended H drill

Player runs up and recieves a passgoes a quick drop step in and a low balltakes few steps out and recieves a high pass. player then c...