Quick Passing

category: Group-practices

Split the group into 8s.2 Balls starting with Player 1 and Player 4. The players then pass the balls diagnoally until the ball reaches an end. They ...

Pass And Move

category: Group-practices

Groups of 6 with one ball per group.Player 6 starts with the ball, with player 5 starting to move in to receive the ball before passing the ball onto ...

3 Passes Hold To Shoot

category: Group-practices

3 players 2 balls 1 player gets ready to shoot and holds position to shoot while the other 2 pass the ball 3 times between them. The player that finis...

Web Videos

Netball drills- running box drill

This is a great team netball drill for working on passing and movement. It also helps players to work on catching the ball at speed and making quick d...