The Backline Pass Roll

category: Movement

Netball The Backline Pass Roll Movement The GK has a back line pass. The Centre takes up her position just in middle of transverse line giving the i...

Gk Dancing

category: Interception

Netball GK dancing Interception 3 Blue players pass ball to each other and attempt to pass the ball to a static player White 4 (varying types of pass...

Intercept And Recover For A Gk

category: Interception

Netball Intercept and Recover for a GK Interception Around the circle to make intercepts relevant for a GK. Feeder 3-4m ... Feeder passes to one atta...


category: Movement

Netball Switch Movement Example GD clears and runs in a crest WD moves to receives ball from GK and passes the ball to GD GD then passes the ball to ...

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Community Drills

Baseline Throw-in (Defence)

WD and GD set up, one in front of the other, at top of circle (GD should be infront, otherwise the WD can get trapped at top of circle) both players s...

GD Pass and Move

Rosa is GD Gets the ball from GK passes to WD and moves.Gets the ball back and passes to the Centre and moves and gets the ball backPasses to GA ...