Closing The Gate

category: Dynamic-Stretching

Open the gate: Players run, lifting their knees high before twisting to the outside The athlete's upper body is relaxed while driving the opposite arm...

Pass Race

category: Agility

Set up with 3 gates spread out as shown. 1 ball in front of each gate.They race through the area (zig-zagging) passing their balls in between the cone...

Hopping Zig Zag

category: Agility

Set out your hurdles in a zig zag formation. Players go one after another and have to hop over the hurdles.

Wide Slalom Run

category: Agility

Poles set far apart in a zig zag formation. Player runs from one to the next focussing on change of direction and pace.

Web Videos

505 agility test

THE 505 AGILITY TEST, is a test of 180 degree turning ability. The test may also be adapted for sport specific testing by having the subject dribble a...

Community Drills

Secret Agent

Set up two playing areas as shown in the diagram. In each play area, the students will be divided into two groups (Blues and Reds).The defending ...