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Interception Drills

Interception of the ball in netball is when a player regains possession of the ball during a pass by the opposition. It requires speed and a good def...

Rebounding Drills

Rebounding in netball is when a player attempts a goal by shooting but the ball hits the goalpost and bounces back into play. The rebounding drills b...


Loose Ball

category: Interception

in 3s 1 ball Feeder drops the ball on the floor for the 2 other players to compete and try and gain possession of the ball.

Web Videos

Netball skills- the toss up

Want to shoot like England Goal Shooter Joanne Harten? Pass like Wing Attack Tamsin Greenway? Intercept like a Loughborough Ligthning player?



Developing your team's Zone Defence

Use this plan to improve your players' zone defence skills, teaching them to work together to push the opposition wide, deny space and regain possessi...

Community Drills

Accurate Passing

Normal netball rules but ......any bad passes or dropped balls mean the other team gain possession.

Activity 6

2 teamsAttackers have to take the ball across a restricted are, completing at least 10 passesDefenders have to use the 3 stages of defence within the ...

Defence 2

Group together two pairs so they are in groups of 4. One pair goes aganst eachother first, they stand opposite facing eachother.Another person throws ...