Drill Categories

Fundamentals Drills

Ultimately what can win or lose a game comes down the the fundamental basics of the game. From defensive body positioning to simply passing, each aspe...

Group practices Drills

Group practices are a great way of building a team that works well together, creating a bond in your team by challenging them to work on their speed, ...


'Bump' Quick Passing Game

category: Passing

Players work in pairs over varying distances depending on the pass type.

  1. Each pair should stand opposite their partner.
  2. Each ...

Crab Relay Race

category: Warm-ups

A fun flexibility drill, with an element of competition to get teams moving.

Players are on their hands and feet, with their st...

Group Hand Eye Co-Ordination

category: Ball-skills


  • 2 balls, players in a circle.
  • 2 players side by side start with a ball each (players A and B).
  • ...

Passing Coordination 2

category: Passing

Three feeders stand on a line and start with two balls, opposite the worker.

The feeders take it in turns to pass to the worker who must retu...


Netball Fun and Games

Get your team bonding and leaving training with a smile, by using this fun and games session!


Player Roles and Responsibilities

Improve your team?s knowledge with this session, helping your players to understand the different roles and responsibilities needed on court, handing ...



Community Drills

Fun Timed Game

Girls up against each other for timings on this oneshoot three goalsmove on to the shuttle run and completemove on to the ladder and run through on yo...

3 Team Relay

Three TeamsFirst player places ball between your knees:Drive up and around cone then back, pass ball using legs to next player in line.Depending on nu...